MakeOpenSource is a club at UB dedicated to the creation of open-source software. The club has completed two major projects which include a two-factor authentication mobile application and a classic RPG. The club is currently developing an open-source operating system known as mOS as well as a new automatic grading tool known as DevU. I have been a member of the club since fall of 2021, contributing to the authentication app and DevU.


Authenticator is an open-source two-factor authentication app built with React Native. The app includes a QR code scanner for acquiring secret keys and uses TOTP for code generation. It also offers a variety of personalization settings. My work was focused on implementing the personalization settings and the TOTP code generation. The Authenticator project started in fall of 2021, and the first version was completed in spring of 2022. The team briefly experimented with a second version using Flutter, but this version was ultimately scrapped.


DevU is an open-source automatic grading tool that is intended to replace UB’s current automatic grading solution Autolab. The entire application is written in TypeScript, using TypeORM with PostgreSQL for data storage. The backend API is nearly completed, but the frontend still missing many features. I started working on DevU in spring of 2023, where I implemented functionality for some of the backend models. This fall, I will be increasing my involvement in the project, working as a project manager.